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Christi Belcourt Awarded Order of Gabriel Dumont from the Gabriel Dumont Institute

From the Gabriel Dumont Institute:

The Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research (GDI), a Métis-owned post-secondary and cultural institution based in Saskatoon with campuses across Saskatchewan, is proud to announce it will invest five individuals into the Order of Gabriel Dumont at a special awards event on March 22, 2024, in Saskatoon.

The Order of Gabriel Dumont is among the Métis Nation’s highest civilian honours. It is awarded by GDI to Métis and non-Métis individuals who have served or continue to serve the Métis of Canada with distinction. This year, three Gold medals and two Silver medals will be awarded. “The contributions of these five recipients are truly remarkable. We are proud of their unwavering commitment to the Métis community and the generational legacies that they have bestowed on us. Congratulations on behalf of the Métis Nation,” said Wendy Gervais, Chair of the GDI Board of Governors.

The Order of Gabriel Dumont Gold Medal recognizes a lifetime of outstanding service to the Métis of Canada, and the Order of Gabriel Dumont Silver Medal honours those who have made significant contributions to the Métis. “It is important to us to recognize the sacrifice and dedication of our Métis Elders, Knowledge Keepers, educators, artists, and advocates who work hard to preserve Métis culture and language. Maarsii (thank you) to this year’s recipients for their years of important community work,” said Brett Vandale, Acting Executive Director, GDI.

Since its inception in the 1980s, 103 individuals have been invested into the Order. Appointments are adjudicated by a selection committee based on nominations from the public. The last investiture was held in March 2023, where five gold medals and two silver medals were awarded.

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