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About Christi


Christi Belcourt (apihtâwikosisâniskwêw / mânitow sâkahikanihk) is a visual artist, environmentalist, social justice advocate, and avid land-based based arts and language learner. She is most well known for her large painted floral landscapes of Metis beadwork.

Christi is a visual artist with a deep respect for the traditions and knowledge of her people. Like generations of Metis artists before her, she celebrates the beauty of the natural world while exploring nature’s symbolic properties.

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Artist Statement

My heart overflows with love for the beauty of this world.

I see war, but I paint flowers.

I paint what I want for this world. I try to reflect to the best of my ability the power and sacredness of Mother Earth which is the sacredness of all life as we know it.

May we live long enough to see humankind turn away from violence and greed and towards creating a world based on caring and giving. May we live long to see the world embrace global disarmament.

Prayers for the sick to be healed.
For the bombs to stop.
Freedom and dignity, care and enough for all.

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