Artist Statement

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I have nothing to say about my art. I will leave that to others. Everything that drives me, and drives my art and the mishmash of everything I do in my life is my love for the earth and my awe of it all. How is it possible we are even alive? The great power and mystery surrounds us every minute of every day. Everything Рthe plants, insects, winds, stars, rocks, animals, us Рis a giant web of pure spirit. Nothing is separate from anything else. The spirit world surrounds us at all moments and is present in all things. If its possible we live in a planet surrounded by stars, then nothing is impossible.

My heart overflows with love for the beauty of this world. The mystery of this planet and this universe is too vast and too powerful to even begin to understand. All I know is that all life, even the rocks, need to be treated with respect.

The sacred laws of this world are of respect and reciprocity. When we stop following them, we as a species are out of balance with the rest of the world.

This wondrous planet, so full of mystery, is a paradise. All I want to do is give everything I have, my energy, my love, my labour – all of it in gratitude for what we are given. I’ll never be able to give back enough. My love for this world overwhelms me. My love for this world, and my love for everyone and everything is what drives me.

This past November (2016) I was honoured to be asked to deliver the Keynote Address at the Maamwizing Conference with Laurentian University at Science North, Sudbury, Ontario.

Titled “The Revolution Has Begun.” This is the last keynote speech I will give. I hope. Its a reflection of my passion for the earth but also my fears for the future generations.

We have entered a new era of water. It is the era of what is to be a world wide water revolution. Led by the people. Regular people like you and me who want nothing more than to have clean water for their children and a clean world for the next generations.

I have turned down invitations to speak since I gave this speech and will continue to do so. My reason for not wanting to give any more keynotes will become obvious as you listen, where I discuss the land heist known as Canada, broken Treaties, the failures of reconciliation, the education system and the failure of conferences and the need for us to act and shift our thinking away from individual and collective “rights” towards “responsibilities”.

#WaterIsLife #NoDAPL #NoKinderMorgan #NoKM #KeepItInTheGround #NoPipelines #NoNWMO #NoFracking #NoReconciliationWithoutRestoration