Image Inventory

Below is the visual inventory of all the images I found in your folders from the old website so there are a lot of duplicates. I titled each gallery with the corresponding folder name from the website.

We can use this to work off of for the final organization.

NOTE: Something weird is happening when I select I want 4 thumb images to go across. It adds 5 and smashes some together. I will figure out why that is happening.

Folder 2011

Folder 2010 *both woodland*

Folder 2009 *jingle work (beadwork and other ?) and pale green background (woodland)*

Folder 2008 (land & water, beadwork, blackones are woodleand, self portrait is portrait, portraits, ) floral work with solid is woodland

Folder 2000 – 2004

Folder “Early Work”

Folder “Main Images_Gallery From Old Website”

Miscellaneous Images in the Root of the Directory

Folder PHOTOGRAPHY (Do you want to include this work? Do you have the higher res versions?)